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Mr. Bill and his award winning team are dedicated towards making the food served at your next event delightful and delicious! We love to get to know our happy customers, and we also want to give you the opportunity to get to know us!

Mr. Bill

"Mr. Bill" Uhler



William "Mr. Bill" Uhler is the proud owner and CEO of Mr. Bill's Fine Foods. As the top dog, Mr. Bill brings confidence and organized leadership to the table, along with his famous fine foods! He loves to get involved with local events, and is always looking for more ways to help out!
  • Miss Marsha

    Marsha Uhler



    Miss Marsha Uhler is the funnel cake queen at Mr. Bill's Fine Foods. She is friendly, concerned, and does anything she can to brighten up your event, including making her famous funnel cakes!
  • Flipper Davis

    "Flipper" Davis

    Special Events Director


    Nobody runs an event better than Flipper, the Special Events Director at Mr. Bill's Fine Foods. If you're looking for something specific for your next event, just let her know!
  • L.G. - Little Guy


    Canine Entertainment

    "Little Guy"

    L.G. "Little Guy" is the canine companion and mascot of Mr. Bill's Fine Foods. L.G. represents Mr. Bill's commitment to doing what he can to help out the furry friends of our community.

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